Android Development For Business

Our developers build top-notch applications for Android making your product available for many customers. We provide advanced tailored solutions and groundbreaking results in app creation and design.

The Process Of Development

Right from the initial establishment of our business we have developed an effective strategy to enhance the workflow. Prolong years of experience enabled us to deliver exceptional top-rated results. Apps developed by our team of experts received rave reviews and international awards. We strive to shape an application with the strong security level and flawless functionality. The development process consists of several stages. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Business-Crucial Market Research
  • Market Investigation
  • Designing A Bespoke IT Solution

First, we sit down with the client and discuss the outline of the future product. At the initial stage, we take your idea and find ways of realising it, by identifying the purposes and set of required functions. Our team of professional analytics discover the existing products and work out a competitive solution.Therefore before initiating the actual tutorial, we develop an approximate framework according to best current programming tutorials and build a rock-solid foundation. The professionals who are involved in these steps are Lead Developer, Designer, Project Manager, Finance Manager and other company’s representatives.

The stage consists of the following:

  • Competitor, data-flow and business market analysis;
  • Budget and development planning (Project Plan, Research Plan, Testing Plan, Functional Specifications for customer to understand every administrative issue and agree with the terms of the development);
  • Interactive pixel-perfect mockup design, prototypes, wireframes and technical specifications, style guides and UI elements.

We are convinced that the development of intuitive and inviting design is a foundation for a successful digital product. To draw the attention of the broad international audience our team of experts focuses on a friendly user experience and interface, making highly polished products rich in features and easily operable, which is business-crucial. At this point of the process we pay attention to the following:

  • Creating the concept of the future design;
  • Building mockups;
  • UI and UX testing;
  • Finding a suitable design and approving it.

The Agile Method

Our company has developed many top-notch solutions for numerous customers using the agile method. The principles of this methodology enable us to deliver the excellent product in time and without production issues. We build applications worthy of the Android Google Play Market top listings.

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The Core Principles of Agile

  • Face-to face communication with the client;
  • Quick and quality delivery within weeks;
  • The ultimate goal is the product that works;
  • Strong focus on functionality and friendly design;
  • Maintaining close and long-term relationships with the customer;
  • Flexibility and fast response to change at any stage of development;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Hand-in-hand collaboration
  • Cross communication and collaborative work across all development teams;
  • Optimisation and updates to the recent requirements.

QA Management

Our UK based development company controls every stage of Android app development. We keep the client informed and assured by the following comprehensive documentation and communicative approach. In order to supply customers with a solution they deserve, quality assurance professionals proceed with:

  • Planning QA tests;
  • Reviewing the code;
  • Delivering bug reports;
  • Functionality testing;
  • Software performance and UX evaluation.

Delivering A Software

With the end of tests and programming for Android on the Google Developer account, we are ready to proceed to the project deployment, optimizing it for Google Play Market and assuring a continuous post-launch support with all the necessary updates. To finish with the proper release of the application we perform:

  • Analytics and evaluation;
  • Software monitoring;
  • Installation of SSL certificate;
  • App Store submission
  • Long-term support.

Adjusting To Change

Our team keeps the application responsive to change by:

  • Researching the market;
  • Analysing the competitors' product;
  • Fixing bugs;
  • Updating to the latest OS version;
  • Optimisation and enhancement;
  • Investigating reviews, feedback and current business changes.

Working With Experts: Bespoke Android Development

It is true that to compete on the global market, a good application should possess multiple qualities, such as being engaging, appealing, easy to access and use and highly functional. Making your product respond to all of these demands benefits your business like nothing else. Of course, it is not an easy task to optimise software for all of the Android operating devices, such as Samsung, LG, Sony-Ericsson, HTC, etc.

Our Services

Our team of developers guarantee you the best solution available and provides the following services:

  • Bespoke development;
  • UX/UI design;
  • Development of hybrid apps;
  • Testing and code audit;
  • Google Play Market optimisation;
  • Integration with existing software;
  • Post-launch support and updates

What Is A Good Application?

We can guarantee that our products are not just good, but excellent in their functionality and design. Our experts embed the following features and characteristics:

  • Social tools, such as phone and video calls, messengers and chats;
  • Interaction with hardware devices;
  • Battery life improvement and GPS tracking;
  • Advanced data security;
  • Top-notch approaches to development;
  • Efficiency in UX/ UI design and functionality.

A Variety of Applications

We have succeeded in numerous fields while developing bespoke IT solutions. Here are some of them:

  • Social media platforms that connect customers and members of the business team helps in establishing a better and more efficient communication;
  • Enterprise products that optimise processes within a company, regulating the workflow and eliminating mistakes;
  • Transport and logistics for delivery services and other businesses;
  • Cooking applications with engaging gourmet meal recipes and food delivery tools;
  • Medical tools that help to follow a healthier lifestyle and even find medicine;
  • Travel projects that feature a variety of places of interest, routes and helpful information;
  • Games and entertainment solutions for all generations.

Working With Android Development Experts

Our team of talented professionals have mastered the craft of mobile creation and developed powerful approaches to the process. We have discovered first-class methodologies and realised how important is to keep close communication with the client. To reach the ultimate goal in efficiency it is important to understand customers and their needs on each step of the way. It doesn’t matter if your company is a large enterprise or a small startup, the main point is to collaborate to reach the mutual agreement and win on the global market. Following this policy, we have received multiple feedback and media reviews.


Mobile Development With Us

Our professionals deliver excellent solutions, using innovative approaches to functionality and building appealing design, benefiting your business. We have developed for Android, iOS and Windows for years, improving with every challenging project.Years of scrupulous improvement allows us to enrich your project with all the innovative technologies like GPRS, Geotagging, NFC, mobile payments, QR Codes, VR and more. Our crafty specialists implement the latest technologies in web and mobile design and provide post-launch support throughout its lifetime.

The Development Services: Android and Web

The platform offers multiple ways to customise your mobile application and experiment with what you want to achieve in design. It enables talented designers to deliver a product that will stand out among others, but also creates a broad market with numerous competitive businesses. We are not satisfied with mediocre results. Android allows creating various applications: native, web and hybrid. To clear your understanding of which is which, let’s dive into the further explanations.

A native is a software installed on smartphone or tablet. To download them you need to access app stores such as iOS for Apple or Google Play Market for Android. These products are made specifically for the phone you are using it on and show the full scale of functionality and access to the camera, contact list, geolocation, photos and messages. The native software takes advantage of the notification system and internet connection. As an addition developers can also incorporate gestures and other features that enhance functionality.


Web-based software does not exactly correspond with the general understanding of an application. Such apps are rather an optimised websites that look and feel exactly like native ones. They are usually built using HTML or HTML5 and can be accessed via internet browser following a standard link. Using web-based software allows you to save some memory on your phone as it doesn’t demand installation. To be able to use such digital products faster and easier, just add a bookmark in a browser, and you are all set!

Speaking about hybrid software, it is essential to say that they incorporate some features of native and web apps, which confuses many users. Hybrid products are available to download in digital stores and can use features of specific smartphones and tablets. At the same time, they are largely written in HTML5 and can be viewed in a mobile browser, and is embedded within the software.

Hybrid Apps

Our skilled specialists possess all the necessary tools powered by Google to develop a first-class solution that can reach the top of the market. Android native solutions are built using Android Software Development Kit or Google Android SDK and have access to all features from camera to geolocation.

Innovative Approach

Our UK based company offers bespoke app and web development, UX and UI design, e-commerce, software creation, PHP, HTML, CSS, OpenCart, Unity, AutoCAD, consultation, application testing, and many more other services. Our developers work on PHP, JS and HTML, C++, Swift, Java, using up-to-date frameworks and libraries. Be sure that with our experts your product will exploit the functionality of the solution to the most.

Types Of Android Apps

Native applications are favoured for their efficiency in delivering brilliant user experience and fantastic user interface optimised for any device. Our developers know how to benefit your business using native Android apps to the fullest extent of their potential. Although our company is based in the UK, we are working internationally and offer the following services:

  • Bespoke smartphone and tablet development;
  • Development API;
  • Services for wearable devices.

Web Applications

As we have already mentioned above, hybrid apps are created using web technologies HTML5, CSS, and JavaScripts. The developer’s task is to write a code base on one of the high-level programming languages and implement this code into the digital product. This approach results in a cross-platform solution, compatible with the majority of devices and therefore requires less time and effort. Speaking of other advantages, the functionality of native solutions is superior to the ordinary web product. But web applications can be created with less financial investment. Our professional team is ready to offer:

  • Hybrid app development for smartphones and tablets ;
  • Bespoke hybrid app development for wearable devices

Bespoke Customisation

Android provides many opportunities for bespoke design and customisation. Such a variety of options can immensely benefit users and businesspeople in particular. We can deliver to you a customised application that will embed your company’s image and promote your business, attracting more and more customers to the product. Our development experts offer a range of services:

  • Custom logos;
  • Customised animation;
  • Pre-installation.

First-Class Apps For Business: Contact Us!

We develop, design and support bespoke applications on every platform, including Android and iOS. Add value to your business by sharing your ideas with our experts. We create tailored IT solutions that will elevate your company to the top. Let’s get in touch today.