Create an App for iOS and Android: Solutions for Your App Development

Creation of Mobile Application: Take Your Business to the Next Level

The idea of mobile app creation can be of any kind depending on your needs. Any sphere of activity has its problems and IT software may find an effective solution for your business. A smartphone application lets you build a strong connection with your customers, providing your clients with relevant information, increase your traffic and boost your sales. In other words, your mobile software helps to overcome all your competitors on the market. And it can be especially helpful in your business portfolio diversification.

Mobile App Development for iOS, Android and Other Platforms

To design a functional and engaging mobile application you don’t need to attend an app programing class or have any coding skills. Today, anyone has access to multiple opportunities for app development. And you can make a choice: hire a software development company or make an application by yourself using special tools.
  • Become an App Maker
  • Step 1: Pick the Type of Your App
  • Step 2: Select the Design
  • Step 3: Customise
  • Step 4: Share

With more than 500 million iPhones and with more than 80% of all smartphones running Android a development of your own application on these two platforms will give you a chance to reach out to the largest part of smartphone users. It isn’t necessary to hire a professional developer - you can become an app maker by yourself. You can do it without touching a single line of code. There are various free and easy to use app builders which can help to create your own application with

  • A set of templates
  • An Excel file

Usually the process of development is quite similar for such DIY app building platforms and they can provide video tutorials which make it easy to understand the principles of app maker’s work.

Launching a company, you focus on the following priorities creation, distribution and promotion of your core product. You grow step by step, discovering issues that limit your further development. You need to have a clear idea of the problems your software should solve. Are you visible to your customers? Can your customers communicate with you? Do your customers know about your promotions? Make a plan to define the features it should have and determine its basic functionality. Remember that a mobile application is a tool which aims to promote your business and help you increase your productivity.

Usually app making platforms suggest you a number of templates. They offer you a several thought-out layouts of icons which include themes and possible arrangements of elements. Here you can choose your app icon, background, upload pictures, regulate text size, in other words, you are an artist at this moment and you try to make your creation as user-friendly and attractive as possible.
This application must be a promoter of your brand. You need to provide the information about your company, describe it, tell its history, give contact information, provide links to your Facebook page and Twitter account. You task is to make your potential customer know about you, trust you. Make sure that your information is correct. Further you can add additional features for your special needs, such as
  • Ability to make reservations
  • Shopping car
  • Mobile coupons and loyalty schemes
  • Push notifications and much more
As soon as you finish your application you can share it with your colleagues and friends. Some app makers also enable you to publish it on iTunes and Google Play. And this process requires certain efforts and extra spendings.

Pros and Cons of Free App Creators

A well-designed application is a viral advertising of your brand, which can reach your target audience all over the world. Giving your customers an opportunity to simplify their lives with your smartphone or tablet application strengthens your relationship and increases their loyalty. A growing number of DIY app makers provide companies with an easy and free way to create an app. But any option has it advantages and disadvantages.

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DIY: the Pros of Low Cost App Development

An intuitive and simple way to create an app. User-friendly sites usually have different kinds of tutorials, including video, and technical support assuring that anyone can cope with app creation.

Apps for free. Usually the creation of mobile software with app building sites is free or significantly cheaper than hiring a software development company to design it.

You need only 20 minutes. If you have a clear idea what you want to create it won’t take you a lot of time to complete it. If you need to reach the market as soon as possible DIY sites will be perfect for you.

The Cons of App Builder Software

Nothing unique. You hardly will be able to create an impactful or highly usable application. Most probably, in the end, you will get something straightforward and rudimentary.

Monthly payment for maintenance. Most often you have to pay extra charges to submit your new app to the store and a subscription to keep your app published. Besides, to have additional features such as no in-app ads, further app editing or removing an app builder’s site branding require monthly payments.

Limited features. One of the main disadvantages of DIY app building sites is that they offer you a limited number of possible features. There is a high possibility that you might not find some specific feature you want to integrate into your app, as a result, such application doesn’t satisfy all your business needs.

Poor quality. You have no guarantee that it will work. You may pay for its maintenance every month and hardly have any results, because this application isn’t qualitative enough to work on all the devices your customers may use. It can be not responding or even completely not working on some devices, its interface can be unsuitable for some smartphones, not allowing their users to use all the app’s features.


Hire One of the Companies That Build Apps

Another way to create your business app is to hire a team of professionals who will listen to your ideas and tailor a software solution for your problems. But the important factor is to find the right partner which is worth the money you are going to spend on building your product. The right partner not only develops an app you want but also helps to make it better and more beneficial.

How To Hire a Software Development Company

There are few things you should consider looking for the right developer which will design an efficient business app for your company. Here we have 5 tips that may help you.
Look at the company’s previous projects.

Any respectful development company has a website with a portfolio which describes their previous development cases. The great thing is if the company you are considering has already developed an app for your industry. This means that such a company is experienced in this sphere and can not only guide you through the development process but also add creative input. If they worked with similar apps, they know for sure what works and what doesn’t on the app store. The right company is interested in your business, not just the development.

Did you like how their previous apps look like?

A good developer must be good at UI/UX designs. Their apps must be attractive and a user should have a clear idea of how they work. If you believe that user interfaces are beautifully-looking and the apps themselves are user-friendly, then this company can make something similar for you, too. Why is it important? Because user interaction with your app is an essential part of app productivity.

Check reviews on the company you liked.

You never know what it is like to work with a development company until you try it. But there is a way out, you can have a look at customers’ feedback. Not every business client reveals their contact information, but some of them don’t mind to write a review on the company page or in Google+.

Contact company representatives.

You not only build an app for your business, but also establish a relationship with the development company. An app creation isn’t a one-time activity. It is a long process which requires your constant communication with developers. Look for those who will stick with you during the development process, asking for your feedback on the product, and won’t leave you as soon as the app is hosted.

The price for app development is high and it is a fact you should accept.

Don’t choose the company because it is the cheapest one. You need the company whose priority is QA. Keep in mind that with a good monetization policy your app will pay off in a year and since that time will start bringing you revenue. In the long run it is much more profitable than creating an app at DIY app making sites, or build a poorly-designed app at a low price. And you don’t need to pay for it every month since it is published, it is yours.

Pros and Cons of Collaboration with a Software Development Company

We have already discussed the things that matter when you are looking for a team of professionals who earn living building apps. Let us point out what is good and bad about hiring a development company.

The Pros and the Cons of Hiring Full-time Developers

Buy in. Hiring full-time developers you receive the guarantees you don’t get creating an app with app making sites. Developers invest their time and energy into your idea and they are interested in positive results. They create for you something unique and help you stand out among your competitors. Moreover, they maintain your application even after it has been published.

No limits. A development company consists of living people who constantly communicate with you, ask for your feedback and opinion, make improvements according to your ideas and come up with the ideas of their own. When you make an application with developers, you have no boundaries. They can implement any feature you like and satisfy all your business needs and preferences.

ROI. A development company, as any entrepreneur, care about your investment. When you are ordering app design you are interested for it to be a good investment. So does any professional development company. It always suggests you ways of monetization of your application.

Time-consuming process. Unlike app builders we have discussed above, tailored app development requires much more time. First of all, it might be difficult even to find the right app programmers. The process of a bespoke software creation consists of several cycles of planning, designing, testing and requires apps designers, programmers, testers, managers and quality assurance specialists.

Cost to develop an app. The price for app development may seem to be high. Not everyone can afford it, especially if you are a start-up. But this investment is worth it, just remember such examples as Uber.

Create an App with Our Company

If you would like to have a high-quality app which will satisfy all your needs, help you boost your business and leave all your competitors behind, we can help you to achieve your goals. Magora agency, as a team of professional experts in the IT, can create for you an app software that will be stable, user-friendly and functional. It can always be upgraded or modified at your request. We can also design web applications for multiple platforms or integrate your existing software with your smartphone apps. Whether you have a small business or a multinational brand we take our job seriously. We help you design, develop, test, and market your app. Start with a small thing, you can always count on a free consultation from our specialists who are happy to answer all of your questions.