How Developing iOS Apps Boosts Business Grow

Our company delivers first-rate digital solutions for all kinds of businesses. Equipped with the latest innovative technologies we produce outstanding bespoke software!

iOS Platform

If you remember the times when Apple company first started selling their devices, they didn’t receive a lot of positive reviews, but now iPhone smartphones and tablets are the most popular devices around the globe. As a result, millions of iOS applications are being developed on this platform. Some are good and other not so much. Our UK based company offers professional expertise and top-notch app creation.
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iOS applications nearly invaded the market and response to any possible area of our lives: from gaming, education and travelling to complex accounting operations, logistics, medicine and corporate work optimisation. Apple digital devices achieved great success because of their business strategy and product quality. So developing for Apple means delivering apps that correspond with their high established standards.

Apple is a first-class leading company which means that it has to change, improve and embed the latest innovative approaches and solutions to their operating system. To create an iOS app, developers have to use the essentials such as:

  • Objective-C - the principal language used for programming on iOS;
  • Xcode - an integrated development environment for any iPhone or iPad.

To build a long-lasting digital solution you need a variety of programming tools. Operating with advanced technologies, we never miss deadlines and follow the schedule. Nowadays, the fast-paced business process requires experts to pay attention to the timing, deliver excellent developing results and quickly react to any changes. Don’t forget, that one of the greatest challenges is to compete with internationally-famous IT corporation. Reports show that only 1% of all publishers receive 94% of App Store revenue. These are the major companies on the market with enormous influence. For application to stand out among their products, you require a team of skilled professionals, and we are here to help in developing a bespoke solution.

To develop for iOS, any programmer needs a license, which allows the actual process of development on the platform. This license gives access to all the tools and guidelines, essential to everyone, who wants to acquire full understanding and proceed to bespoke developing. As we have said before, Objective-C is the primary language for programming iOS apps. But what you are yet to discover is that a couple of years ago Apple introduced a new more efficient language - Swift. This programming language is more intuitive and fast in comparison to complex and rigid Objective-C. As a result, Swift is used much more frequently as it gives a top-notch result making the process quicker and easier.

Multiple development tools facilitate the process. Our certified experts are aware of every innovative tool and platform that have appeared throughout these long years of professional practice. Today the functional abilities of mobile applications have considerably expanded with the introduction of innovative developing tools. Moreover, such platforms enable developers to operate with any programming language, without being limited to only Objective-C and Swift. It is also possible to save time and efforts and create an application capable of performing on various operating systems such as Windows and Android.

Working With Experts

Throughout the years our team of specialists have mastered developing for all possible platforms, such as Windows and Android, leaving iOS development as our main priority. Building an app for these amazing platform is not an easy task. iOS requires a first-class design and impeccable coding, because Apple’s App Store is full of high-quality applications, so it is necessary to stand out. Working on multiple projects, we have reached high rankings in App Store and received praising feedback!

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Professional Approach

Finding a reliable development agency is not as easy as it might seem at first. The IT industry is flooded with firms and startups who try to promote their developing careers, but it hard to tell what any of these companies have to offer unless they achieved public recognition and received multiple rave reviews. Our company is ready to provide any information and customer feedback you need and produce an excellent product. Whether you need us to develop a complicated management system, a user review database, a mobile marketplace, a medical app or else, we can start right now! Company’s creators accept any challenge and never stop at average results. Your future iOS application is safe with us.

Best App Developing Strategies For Better Results

Since the very beginning of development work, we have chosen most efficient strategies and proceeded to self-improve throughout the years to deliver a competitive result to clients in the shortest time possible. Our ambitions and abilities to define the needs and aims of international application users give us a better chance at developing and winning on the global market. We are dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic with every project and provide quality service at fair prices backed up with an extensive portfolio. We strive for perfection and establish continuous relationships with customers informing them of every step and crucial issue.

Customer-Developer Communication

We want and encourage clients to participate and be constantly involved in the developing process that enables us to avoid miscommunication and understand each other properly. With cooperative efforts, it is easier to produce a viable and efficient product that corresponds with the ideas customers has in their mind. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the software creation or the IT sphere as a whole, our experts will explain and go over any topic you want to know more about. We have learned a lot through initial mistakes and know the right way to approach the development.

Inevitable Alterations In Application Developing

Without a doubt, nobody can guarantee that unexpected situations would not arise at some point of the creative process. At these times we have to respond fast, but the first thing on our list is contacting clients to ensure their awareness of alterations. Developing for any platform is complicated and elaborate process during which any specifications might need a checkup or change, but for us, the client goes first. There will be no misunderstanding, as we discuss any problems until the mutual agreement is reached.


What We Offer

Developing in general and especially for iOS is a hard process that needs an attention of certified specialists. Our UK based company is here to offer you bespoke app and web development, user experience and user interface design, e-commerce, software creation, PHP, HTML, CSS, OpenCart, Unity, AutoCAD, consultation, application testing, and many more other services.To deliver high-tech solutions our team sometimes also resorts to using the following third-party tools. We can not list every single technological tool that enables developers to create feature-rich tools, but here are some of them: PhoneGap, Marmalade, Unity, Adobe Air, Corona SDK, An authoring tool GameSalad.

From Ideas To IT Solutions

You will always be informed of any alterations and decisions, including the choice of the platform. Your project is in good hands of an experienced team. Development is a mutually beneficial process, so we welcome feedback and active participation through suggestions and discussions. Both parties are helping each other to improve the developing. From our team, you will receive professional advice on your ideas and any help required. We will polish outlined concepts to the extent of top-notch solutions that add value and elevate your business.

Bespoke Development Stages

After a thorough discussion with our customer, we create a framework with specially designed interactive screens to see the potential realisation of the idea. As soon as the client is pleased with apps intuitive design we proceed to the following stage. With client’s approval, programmers start working on the code and designers work on app’s user interface aesthetics. During this developing process quality assurance specialists control the performance accuracy and operability, ensuring that everything is fixed and improved.

When the work-frame have already been outlined, we settle for the hardest, time-consuming and practical stage of programming and testing. At this point, programmers start coding the app, and it gets an actual body. The job is extremely responsible and meticulous, every line of the performed code is verified and tested by quality assurance specialists later. Before the new tailored app is launched, experts study if it corresponds to all specifications and documents. After this study, the developed app is ready to reach the customer.

No doubts, before launching an application on the market QA experts check everything twice to respond with an excellent product. Tests eliminate all possible bugs or small errors. Our structured and thoroughly planned approach allows us to polish the developed product and present the supreme quality. Such processes also require being documented and fixed on paper to win customer’s trust. It can take as long as it needs to reach perfection. To accelerate your growth, we work with in-app advertisements, organise social media campaigns, follow mobile analytics, use native ads, SMS advertising, IT reviews and more.

It is a common practice for the majority of agencies to drop the project immediately after the launch. We don’t believe in such a reluctant behaviour. The work doesn’t end with a successful launch. However many companies simply forget about product’s future, whether it hit the target they had or failed with time. We believe in long-term partnership and support throughout the lifetime of an app. Our extensive range of services guarantees your application’s success on the market. Some of these services are:

  • Advice on efficient business strategies;
  • Support after the launch;
  • Continuous updates;
  • Feedback analysis;
  • Consult on marketing ideas.

Top-notch Services

Our aim is to deliver a successful project and make sure that customer’s business flourishes and prospers with our helping hand. We know that when reputation is at stake, it is crucial to perform at the highest level.

Company’s talented developers genuinely enjoy building iOS apps, that is why these applications perform on the highest level. Although, the development for iPhones and iPads, as opposed to web and desktop software creation, is an entirely different process.

Over the years we have gained a set of skills that enable us to win a business market competition with our digital solution.

To know how to use advanced digital tools and efficiently operate on limited space of smartphones’ displays you have to be creative, experienced and hardworking. Developers should understand the way of creating an adaptive and user-friendly interface to attract potential customer’s attention. As it is the user, who decides whether you will succeed or fail we have to be proficient in UX and UI design.

We understand what users and public need from the application and deliver it promptly. So, if you are not sure that your business possesses enough developing skills to create such a complicated IT solution, contact our talented team!

Hire A Team Of Experts

Our talented team offers app and web development and creates user-friendly design. If you have a challenge for us, let’s start working on it right now to hit all your targets with an innovative digital solution!