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As leaders in software development in the UK we focus on first-class app creation and timely delivery. In-house team of app developers and UI/UX design composes an agile digital agency that builds engaging software experiences that exceed expectations.

Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke Software Development Our UK-based IT company, which was originally custom eCommerce development agency, today is a leader in delivering bespoke software solutions based on the web, mobile, and cloud technologies. Experienced team leads help to mitigate the risks related to the development process. Business analysts lay the foundation of the project with a comprehensive research of the market and competitors of our clients. Project managers meet with our UK and international clients to analyse their corporate needs, organisations’ workflows and personal requirements to map out the app idea core points and expound the project milestones to the software engineers who divide the complex project into smaller tasks ensuring collaborative work and streamlined efficiency. Throughout the iterative development, we keep consulting with you willing to get your feedback. Such approach to the digital products development guarantees completely tailored solutions and met expectations.
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We strive to produce business-driven IT solutions making creative thinking feasible. Competent UK programmers leverage the power of the latest technologies capabilities to deliver dynamic digital solutions that empower you and your employees to achieve corporate goals with greater efficiency. The development team explores customers’ businesses acquiring a proficient understanding of their workflow, goals, and challenges. This makes us more than business partners; software developers will become a part of your team. In the end, they deliver tools which enable you to drive IT strategy at a global scale. Dedicated app designers provide you with the flexibility that lets adapt to evolving needs and changing conditions. Combining your desire to innovate and professional developer’s capabilities to realise the most challenging ideas make our UK development agency a truly valuable ally.

As one of the most reputable providers of mobile software development in the UK, our team can boast a profound expertise in mobile technologies, operating systems, and development tools. Mobile applications have become an essential part of successful business helping to reach potential consumers all over the world and empower on-the-go employees.

Today’s business users tend toward iOS devices which make measurable headway in enterprise level with AppleCare support for businesses. The UK-based iPhone app developers are well-versed in Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, Interface Builder, Cocoa Touch and other Apple’s tools for software development. Apple is known as a strict reviewer of submitted mobile applications what makes App Store a depositary of high-quality software solutions for iOS mobile devices. And iPhone software developers will make sure that your application stands out from the competitors. Apple is also famous for its interaction models and visual designs making iOS platform also attractive for customer-facing applications with Apple Pay, multi-touch interaction, and other features.

Android app developers will help you to benefit from open source Google’s platform which also provides more flexibility in customisation and reaching a more diverse range users via such high-end brands as Samsung, Sony and many other. UK-based development team has a great experience in building standout Android applications that excel other apps on the Google Play Store at the quality and user experience. Our software agency has been providing clients with interactive and engaging Android solutions having expert Java programmers who can work with both Android Studio and Eclipse IDEs and take advantage of all available libraries. The Android platform offers good capabilities for commercial and business purposes. It provides more opportunities for personalisation of user experience, while its open nature ensures relatively straightforward integration with existing enterprise software solutions.

In spite of iOS and Android popularity, Windows operating system has a massive user base. Moreover, Microsoft’s recent update of the platform can be considered one of the most ambitious and innovative steps in mobile software development. Considering these updates, our expertise in Visual Studio enables to create universal Windows applications which target all device family. Utilising such programming languages as C#, C++, Visual Basic, HTML and JavaScript, UK Windows app developers take advantage of all the capabilities of Windows 10 building the next-generation applications. Windows Mobile platform is provided with a rich set of development tools which enable Windows software developers to deliver first-class solutions for this platform.

Web Tech Stack

Being a vendor of IT services including IT consultancy and software development in the UK and worldwide, we strive to meet the demands of the customers enlarging our expertise with the most top-notch technologies and software development tools. Whether we need to build a rich Internet application or provide business with measurable mobile presence, this certified development company can do it in fine fashion adhering to the universal standards.

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HTML5 is the latest evolution of HTML language. A markup language helps UK web designers to structure and present content on the web pages in the desired order. The latest version has new attributes, elements and behaviours that empower front-end developers to create more powerful and engaging web sites. Among its advantages, there are better connectivity with the server, offline operation with the data stored on the client-side, diverse range of presentation options, multimedia integration, greater speed optimisation and many others.


PHP is a high-level scripting language which works as a powerful tool for developers who create dynamic and interactive web pages. PHP is a general-purpose programming language intensively used for the development of web applications in the UK and worldwide. Thanks to it cross-platform usage, simplicity, and rich functionality it is one of the leading programming languages which can interact with a large number of databases including MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and others.


ASP.NET is a hard-to-master server-side web application framework that enables programmers to produce dynamic web pages. UK web developers are well-versed in this Microsoft technology being able to make dynamic web services and applications. Unlike other script-based technologies, it aims for performance benefits. It compiles the server-side code to one or more DLLfiles when it is used for the first time what provides performance boost comparing with pure scripted languages.


AngularJS is a released by Google JavaScript open-source framework that allows front-end web developers to create rich user interfaces with a Model-View-Controller and Model-View-ViewModel architectures. Its two-way data binding automatically synchronises the data between model and view components. This automatisation reduces the code lines saving developers time and hence the development time.


AJAX is a set of technologies in web development that enables website designers in the UK and across the globe to create interactive user interfaces and web pages. It can be combined with HTML, CSS, DOM, XML and JavaScript. This technology is extensively used for implementation of Google Maps and Google’s Gmail. AJAX developers enable web pages updates without the necessity to reload them, communicate with server-side scripts, and send data in the background mode.

Database Technologies

Working with enterprise-level projects, we often face the necessity to back corporate system with a bespoke database. Fortunately, our UK web programmers obtain extensive expertise in custom database development working with the most advanced technologies including MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Bothe relation database management systems present comprehensive databases for demanding workloads. Our IT specialists utilise these and other digital products ensuring your data security and ease in management.


IT Consulting and Technical Support

Our team composes the most talented and creative software developers in the UK, but at the same time, we also offer technical support after the project launch and IT consulting at the pre-development stage. Competent and experienced IT specialists will be happy to answer your questions concerning software development services and digital strategy for your business. And you can rely on these people after the project delivery as we are always ready to prolong our collaboration editing, updating, and upgrading your software solution integrating new functionality that fits your evolving corporate needs.

Domain Expertise

For over seven years of collaboration with a variety of industries, we have gained a deep insight into their peculiarities and nature and now can provide with a highly professional approach to all major domains. We know how to replace off-the-shelf products with precisely-tailored bespoke software tools. Our team has collected multiple enterprise software projects under the belt catering the needs small and big organisations all over the UK and worldwide. Software engineers and project managers approach challenges with creative thinking and valuable experience helping to automate and optimise workflow, increase productivity and efficiency. Delivering business-driven solutions we build bespoke applications simplifying the data analysis, automating the reporting, and ensuring better decision-making practices.

Healthcare. Working with the representatives of the medical industry, we have been assisting in modernising, automating, and optimising a number of aspects related to the patient care and healthcare facilities management.

Hospitality. Among our clients, we have restaurant and hotels owners who were looking for better representation on the web and in the mobile market providing their clients with booking and reviewing functionality.

Logistics. Our developers have a volume of experience in working with warehouse management and meeting the logistics needs with Google Maps API integration and user experience personalisation.

Retail. Whether it is an e-commerce or m-commerce solution, we are an old hand at building such type of software and can ensure appealing look, intuitive look, and secure payment gateway.

Education. We have a lot of projects dedicated to the common goal to make education more accessible and fun. Helping teachers and students to interact from any point in the word.

And many others.

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We are professional IT service providers of software development in the UK who has a global recognition and stellar reputation in the IT industry. Since we are engaged in the bespoke development, we have delivered hundreds of successful software projects, and we don’t think to stop. If you have an app idea that will accelerate your business with the power of innovations, our dedicated development team will be happy assist you in the realisation of this idea.