Web Development UK: From Simple Website to the Most Powerful App

More than five years of experience in web development our UK company has been delivering high-quality software solutions for local and international businesses. Web development team consisting of skilled software engineers and talented designers has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to succeed with top-notch and high-performing web programs.

Company services include:

  • Design (Business website, E-commerce);
  • Application Development (Web, Native, Hybrid);
  • Mobile-friendly Design (Adaptive, Responsive, Mobile sites);
  • QA & Testing (UI/UX);
  • Maintenance, Support, and Consultancy
  • Business Website Development UK
  • E-commerce website design
  • CMS

Every business is unlike any other and needs a website that reflects it to the full extent. Our web development team uses the latest front- and backend technologies to show what makes you company so special. Our web agency is here to deliver you the right bespoke website which means that we tailor it according to your business goals and objectives. The development team works closely with you to study your business and USPs, understand your goals and requirements. In the end, you will have:

  • A bespoke website that meets your requirements and business challenges;
  • Web application with advanced functionality and attractive design;
  • Appealing user experience design;
  • A Website that looks excellent on any device.

Our website developers can also help you to track existing site activity, analyse it, find its weaknesses and the ways to improve them, implement new features, and help you stand out in the competitive market.

Our UK web development company offers you a complete ecommerce service for all product types. Web development services can give you opportunities to generate more sales online. As a B2B company, we focus on making your investment cost-effective and generating a high ROI. Web designers implement your brand during the development of your website preserving the visual identity of your business. And experienced professionals map out your web page with a commercial focus on upselling and high conversion rate. We create conveniently categorised product catalogue and help your customers to navigate your website with intuitive user interface. Our understanding of online will empower you with creating a new sales channel for your products.

Our development team offers you our support in upgrading your website, but if you want to manage your web page content, update it, and edit we can integrate a content management system (CMS). Whether it is text, images, video or documents for your visitors, you get complete control over the page structure letting your employees continuously improve your site and keep it updated attracting more customers. For e-commerce sites, web developers can build a shop management system to move your business forward. Our team can offer you a bespoke CMS or integrate one of the off-the-shelf solutions you prefer.

App Development

Apps development whether they are web, native or hybrid is the next level where you can take your business. You can extend your brand further than on the Web; you can get right in your client’ pockets of your customers getting all the advantages of today’s technologies. Skilled and experienced software developers are the top experts in mobile and web development in the UK and can offer you any type of app delivering the highest quality.

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What is the difference between Native, Web, and Hybrid apps?

Apps present much higher functionality hence opportunities for business than websites do, but their development requires more efforts and higher costs. It is quite natural that you wish to know what is your investment about and how you can benefit from it. Our web development UK company offers any kind of software development, and we can help you to figure out what is a right software solution to meet your business goals.

Native Apps

Native apps development are coding apps for a particular platform (we specialise in iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry) and using a specific programming language. For example, iOS apps are written in Swift and Objective-C, while Android apps in Java. Native apps require code rewriting for each platform, and that is why if you want your app could be used by both iPhone and Android users you need double efforts and double expenses. One of the largest Native app advantages is its access to all the hardware features. Thus, apps coded with specific APIs can utilise most of the device functionality, for instance, Push Notifications which are not possible in web app development. Native apps are quickly discovered in app stores and can be monetised by initial purchase, in-app purchases, in-app advertising. They look native on the devices and deliver the greatest user experience. They can operate without an Internet connection and provide users not only great look and feel but also fast performance.

Web-based Apps

Web-based apps have the best platform coverage; they are written in web code like any website, but they deliver more interactive feel like an app on mobile devices. It is much cheaper than Native or Hybrid app development. Thanks to HTML5 technology, which lays out visual parts of the code, web apps became more dynamic. Web apps run in web browsers from every device whether it is a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Their usage of hardware functions is significantly smaller than in the case of native apps; but, their connection to remote servers with a source file allows you rapidly process an unlimited amount of data and also making rapid improvements, updates, and upgrades. One more advantage of web apps is their quick time to market. Like any website, they have their own URL and can be discovered on the Web.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps as it is seen from the name is a combination of web and native apps; they are written in web codes such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript in combination with mobile app frameworks such as Ionic or Cordova which provide access to the usage of platform’s native features. If web developers use HTML5 technology app’s code becomes directly portable in other cases it requires a suitable native framework to be used to make it fit other platforms. As for development cost and time to market, hybrid apps take place somewhere in between native and web apps.

What do you need: Native, Web or Hybrid?

When you come to our web development company, software experts and your personal project manager will help to figure out which software solution fits your business needs better. Still, we have several leading questions that can help you to see what suits you more:

  • How many platform do you need to cover?
  • What mobile app user experience you want to deliver?
  • Do you have any money and time constraints?
  • What functionality do you want to implement in your app?

Quality Assurance

While our UK-based agency develops your web solution, QA experts run numerous tests to ensure that product meets not only your requirements but also our internal quality standards. As far as website/app usability is one of the key parts of your website success, developers pay special attention to making your site more attractive and easy-to-use for visitors and hence decreasing your bounce rate. We place a call to action in the right place on the page because we know how users view a web page. QA team run user experience (UX) and quality assurance (QA) tests implementing the best practices of web design and development. They ensure that our web development company delivers excellent-looking and high-performing web products. We run your web sites in every browser to provide you with a web presence that looks and feels good in any of them.

Maintenance and Support

Web development company always ready to help you. We don’t just bring to the life you unique ideas but help you to maintain them, upgrade and update. Trusting us your ideas you can be sure that they are in safe hands. You also get an immediate response from us when you need help. As your business partner, we hope to build long-term relationships, for this purpose, we strive to help you succeed with our projects.

Mobile-friendly Design

We design mobile-friendly websites that don’t just focus on rich imagery, font size, and colour pattern but also consider such essential features like navigation, excellent user experience on any screen, SEO. Mobile Internet consumption grows, and a large part of your site visitors come from their smartphones and tablets. The demand of mobile-friendly website increased that much that it became one of Google ranking criteria. Our web development company in the UK offers you any type of mobile-friendliness for your site from responsive and adaptive design to mobile sites development.

Responsive design is a type of mobile-friendliness when content on the both desktop and mobile devices doesn’t change because all the devices find the site on one and the same URL. But the space between text fragments and images reduces on every screen according to the browser width it was opened with.

Adaptive design is quite similar to responsive and pretty often is applied in combination with it. An adaptive design also implies that site visitors visit one and the same page but with different content layouts depending on visitors’ device screen size. The content can be slightly changed, some elements that take a while to load can be replaced with others which make site fast-loading.

Unlike responsive and adaptive designs, mobile sites have different URLs and require more coding. It is a development of the whole new website for each mobile platform. It can be entirely different from your internet page, but at the same time, it requires additional maintenance.

Call us for free consultancy

We will be happy to know you and your business better. Share your thoughts with us, and we will help you to find the best software solution for your business. Our web development UK company stands out from other software companies because we:
  • Have more than five years of experience of work with businesses from multiple industries in the UK and around the globe;
  • Use agile project management that provides the development process with transparency for our customers;
  • Have a web development team consists of experts in PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, AJAX, ASP.NET and many other technologies as well as development for iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry;
  • Add value to your business with our web solutions;
If you are looking for the web perfectionists who keep improving your web site since the day we met and during the whole process of development striving exceed your expectations, it’s time to get in touch. So let’s talk today.